Our RainbowWarriors Project Teams

Within RainbowWarriors we have different project teams for specific areas. These teams have regular meetings in which they discuss their projects. In these meetings, current tasks, project progress, and other organizational topics are talked about.

Community & soledarity are 2 of our core values.

In addition to the project meetings, we meet for regular community events and other activities, e.g. our game-, film- and theme evenings. We also chat with each other via our own online platform and talk about everything that moves us in our chat group.

Marketing Team

The marketing team is always looking for people with an affinity for marketing who want to support our projects. HTML, SEO, copywriting or creative work - all this is waiting for you in the RainbowWarriors Marketing Team.

All-Rounder Team

Our All-Rounder Team is a motley collection of people who perform a variety of tasks at RainbowWarriors. These vary from very creative-focused, to somewhat more structured and logical tasks, to very personal member support.

Social Media Team (in German)

Social Media RainbowWarriors

The creative minds and artisticly talented individuals in the Social Media Team handle the representation of RainbowWarriors and all related projects on social media. 

Journalism Team (in German)

Journalismus Team RainbowWarriors

Conducting interviews, writing texts, researching for new articles and much more - our RainbowWarriors Journalism Team takes care of all this with passion and heart & soul. 

Community Management Team (in German)

Community Management RainbowWarriors

The organizational talents of the Community Management Team are all about strengthening the RainbowWarriors community. As the name suggests, they care about the community and most importantly, making sure we all have a great time together.