Our Teamplatform - How We Work Together Virtually

All members of RainbowWarriors network 100% online. Any person who has ever had anything to do with organization & management knows what a challenge it is to network people completely online. After all, we don't just want to work together successfully on projects, we also want to build a really strong community that has fun while volunteering. After a lot (yes, a lot!!) of testing & different approaches, we finally developed our own team platform, which we are really happy with. We describe ourselves as a small virtual family and that's exactly what is reflected in our digital teamplatform. Here we would like to show you how we collaborate virtually on projects & are also a really cool digital community. 

The screenshots you see here were taken by some of our German members - so don't be suprised that the language shown is German :))

Personalized Newsfeed

Each of our members gets their own profile on our teamplatform and thus also a completely individualized newsfeed. In it, new posts from groups you have joined, posts in which you have been tagged, activities of friends, etc. appear. Of course, there is also an extra function with notifications, there you get again summarized everything important that concerns you.

Calendar of Events

When do I have to participate again where exactly? This information is individualized for each member and clearly displayed in our calendar of events. There is also the possibility to cancel or join meetings, or to indicate yourself as "interested" if you don't know yet if you can make it.

Project Groups

To keep track of our projects, we work together within project groups. There you have the possibility to make your own posts for example with questions or news, in addition we have also integrated a chat in each group.

Screenshot of a personalized newsfeed.
Screenshot of our calendar of events.
Screenshot of some of our project groups.

Fun & Leisure Activities

Despite all the voluntary work, fun and community are also very important to us. Of course, we also have our own group, where you can post whatever is on your mind, talk about your day, or write about anything in the group chat with the other members. Once a week we have our Chit Chat via video chat, where everyone who wants participates. There we chat, sometimes we play online games and we even had people who gave a presentation there just for fun. By the way, our own community management team takes care of the RainbowWarriors with a lot of love, with the goal to give everyone a good time. They also plan joint activities, such as movie nights, Secret Santa by mail, and much more.

A post from our "Chit Chat" group.

Chats (With Video Calls)

In addition to the group chats, each member also has the option of writing privately with others. There is also a video function in the chats, so that you can discuss something spontaneously directly on the platform or get to know each other better in person. Of course, there is also the possibility to send pictures, GIFs and documents.

Screenshot of our chat feature (browser view).

Individual Profiles

Each member gets their own profile in which they can tell more about themselves. Of course, you can also upload your own profile and cover picture and post on your own wall.

Screenshot of one of our members' profiles (browser views).

Via App or Browser

Our team platform can be used both via browser and with an own app.