Some of our international partner projects

Within project teams, we collaborate on various small short-term and large long-term projects. Here you can get an insight into some of our current, completed and soon to come projects.

Current Projects

Coming Out Logo com

Our online guide is all about coming out. Both those affected and their relatives can find information, tips and contact points. You can also share your own coming-out story on the website and browse through the stories of others. (German) is our German counterpart to our project This German-speaking online guide is all about coming out. There, interested people can not only find information, tips and contact points, but also share their own personal coming-out story with the world.

Feel free to check out the website:

Completed Projects

Mockup Junx Magazin Dragqueen

Magazine Article For The junx Magazine (German)

Our journalism team writes regularly articles around the topics of queer & young. These are published in the online magazine of the new dating platform for queer boys - junx. These already included i.a.:

  • An interview with Rachel Intervention (dragqueen)
  • An interview with Michael Overdick (podcaster) 
  • An article about salary differences based on sexuality
  • An article about the planned compensation of homosexual soldiers in Germany (a comment)

Video Interviews With Queer People

In collaboration with DBNA (the biggest social network for queer boys in Germany), we interviewed four queer people about their personal stories:

  • Alpha, a black gay Muslim man
  • Sebastian, a gay young man, living with HIV
  • Phillipp, a gay autistic man
  • Sky, a trans* boy

The videos were on the DBNA YouTube channel for a long time and had reached over 15,000 views combined.

Alpha answers questions from the community about his life as a gay black muslim.

Magazine Articles For The DBNA Magazine

We have written various magazine articles for the DBNA Magazine, which have been published there, including:

  • An interview with a trans* boy
  • An information article on the topic of HIV
  • A tutorial for DIY Pride pins
  • Tips for a successful long distance relationship

Chat & Date Tips

Queer Treff Hameln und RainbowWarriors Community
Den ganzen Post findest du auf unserer Instagramseite @RainbowWarriors.Community

It's no secret that many queer young people use the internet to get to know each other. In collaboration with Queertreff Hameln, we have created two social media posts on this very topic: "Safety when chatting" & "Safety when dating".

Human Rights Quiz

Menschenrechte Queeramnesty

The human rights of queer people vary greatly around the world. Together with Queeramnesty Karlsruhe we created a quiz for our Instagram followers, in which they could not only guess how the situation of queer people differs worldwide, but also find a lot of important information for education.

3 People Talk About Their Inner Coming Out

Videoprojekt RainbowWarriors queere Jugendgruppe

For the digital CSD 2020 of Karlshochschule we realized a video project about the inner coming out. The goal of this video was to enlighten which inner process many queer people (have to) go through and at the same time to help other members of the LGBTQ+ community with these three stories.

You can watch the whole video soon here on the website.