More About Our Embassador
the "RainbowWarrior"

The RainbowWarriors symbol is more than just a logo - it is our statement for a better world with more diversity, tolerance and finally less stigmas around mental health problems. 

Ready for a little story? 

It all started on August 9, 2019 with this post on Instagram:

The first appearance of the RainbowWarrior.

The day when the RainbowWarrior showed himself publicly for the first time. Since then he has been advocating for queer people & people with mental health issues. He describes himself as "Your new best friend you can talk to about mental health, being LGBTQ+ and all the other stuff people don't get".

A small part of the RainbowWarriors' Instagram feed.

But what hardly anyone knows is how (and especially WHY) the RainbowWarrior came into being in the first place. 

We would like to share this secret with you here.

Hard to imagine, but it all started with a small queer influencer.

One of many paid cooperations.

And they did what the majority of influencers do: sharing perfect, flawless pictures, presenting products & a lot more, which is pretty far away from real life.

What was hardly noticed, however, was the following:
  • Growing depression
  • Tormenting self-doubt
  • A deranged eating & sport behavior
  • and daily, hardly bearable panic attacks
In summary: Quite an imperfect, social media inept life.But as everyone can well imagine, these problems did not exactly diminish over time and maintaining the facade became an ever-increasing burden.
"I'll never forget once sitting in front of Photoshop crying and totally devastated because I saw this perfect, happy version of myself that I would have loved to have been. The teeth much whiter, the eyes much bluer, the look so full of life and so happy."

The day came when he finally realized that there was no point in all this anymore:

"I was completely destroyed on the inside, but all you could see from the outside was a person full of life, having so much fun with everything they do." 

He decided that he wanted to do something REAL. No longer hide the imperfection, but put exactly this in focus. To spread important messages, to stand up for other people who felt as lost and alone with their queerness and their own psychological problems as he did.

But then why the mask? 

"Until now, the focus was always on me, and both I and the others constantly judged my appearance. I was no longer in the mood for all this superficiality and decided to appear under a new name & only with a mask. Because for my messages it is finally completely irrelevant how I look, it is important all alone, what I carry in me". 

That's why our symbol is not just a logo - but a statement that we believe in what we do. We want to improve this world together. Fighting together for other queer youth and young adults. To raise awareness for mental health issues. Because we are RainbowWarriors - and we are damn proud of it. 

RainbowWarriors Symbol