Journalism Team

RainbiwWarriors Journalismus Team

Conducting interviews, writing texts, researching for new articles and much more - our RainbowWarriors Journalism Team takes care of all this with passion and heart & soul. 

One of the latest projects you can see right here on our website - our info page about LGBTQ+ youth in Russia. Two dedicated team members have made it their mission to report about the unfortunately still difficult situation of queer youth & young adults. The article contains many hours of journalistic research (even Russian texts were translated into English in order to be as well-founded as possible). The two authors keep the info page always up-to-date and continuously add new information.

Most of the team is currently working on our project Every website visitor can easily submit their own coming out story. Of course, our Journalism Team checks the content and adapts it if necessary. Likewise, every coming out story goes through a grammar check before it is finally published on the website.

(The screenshots you see here were taken by some of our German members – so don’t be suprised that the language shown is German 🙂

Feel free to check out

The length of the stories is limited to about 10 sentences, however, if you are interested in talking about your coming out in detail in an interview, you can leave an email address. A member of the Journalism Team will then contact the person and discuss everything else for a detailed interview. The interested persons are then sent individualized questions in writing, which they answer within 10 days. The team members work in teams of two on each interview. This means that there are always two different perspectives on each story, which in our experience is always good - and it's also more fun to work together 🙂

Among other things, there is a questionnaire in our knowledge database that the team can use as a guide.

The Journalism Team is also responsible for our queer news, which is published twice a week on Instagram. There we report on current news from the queer world. The focus is especially on topics that, in our opinion, get far too little attention in the mainstream media.

Check out our Instagram page for many more queer news posts.