Do you want to advocate for important queer issues? 

Use your talents & skills to support a good cause? 

And meet lots of great new people in the process?

Then you should definitely join the RainbowWarriors!

You Can Join The Following Teams

You can find the form to send a request to join directly on the respective info page.

All-Rounder Team

Our All-Rounder Team is a motley collection of people that perform a variety of activities at RainbowWarriors. The jobs to be done vary from very creative-focused to somewhat more structured and logical tasks up to highly personal support for members. So whatever you're good at & with what you'd like to support us - this team surely has a place for you! 

Marketing Team

RainbowWarriors Marketing Team

The Marketing Team is always looking for people with an affinity for marketing. Together with the experienced team leader, you help to improve and to develop RainbowWarriors and all related projects further. HTML, SEO, copywriting and design - all this is waiting for you in the RainbowWarriors Marketing Team.

What To Expect


At the heart of RainbowWarriors are our projects that advocate for LGBTQ+ & Mental Health issues. As part of a small family, you have the opportunity to actively stand up for issues that are important to you and use your talents & skills for a good cause.


In everything we do, community and solidarity always come first. Besides the specific project meetings, where you meet & discuss with the other RainbowWarriors, there are general meetings several times a week where we chat together, talk about problems, play games or just enjoy the time together. 

100% Online

As a 100% virtual queer movement, we network 100% remotely. So it doesn't matter if you live somewhere in the middle of nowhere or prefer to stay at home because of Corona: join us, make a difference & find your personal safe space! 

Our International German-Speaking Teams

As a bilingual movement, we also have teams where only German is spoken. This means that both the meetings and everything that is worked out is in German.

Journalism Team

Conducting interviews, writing texts, researching for new articles and much more - our RainbowWarriors Journalism Team takes care of all this with passion and heart & soul.

Social Media Team

The creative minds and artisticly talented individuals in the Social Media Team handle the representation of RainbowWarriors and all related projects on social media.

Community Management

The organizational talents of the Community Management Team are all about strengthening the RainbowWarriors community. As the name suggests, they care about the community and most importantly, making sure we all have a great time together.

Get To Know Our Team

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All-Rounder Team

Marketing Team

Journalism Team

& more than 25 other, unique people are waiting to meet you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens after I submit the form?

Immediately after submitting the form, the team leader of the respective team will receive it by email. They will then go through your request and will get in touch with you as soon as possible. To get to know each other better, we will invite you to a short video call, where you can tell us more about yourself and get more information about the RainbowWarriors movement. If everything fits so far, we can start, and you will get access to our team platform! 🙂

Do I need any specific skills to join?

Skills & knowledge in the area you are interested in are definitely good - but not a prerequisite. The most important thing is motivation and that you want to implement innovative projects together with us. Your project team and the team leader will gradually teach you everything you need to know.

What is the community like?

Basically, community and soledarity are at the top of our list. So you can count on a familiar atmosphere and nice members. Depending on which team you join, you will have regular team meetings where we talk about the project and the further process.

Several times a week we have voluntary "chit chats" where we meet via video call to chat or play games (e.g. You can also chat with other members via our team platform and take part in community activities (e.g. Secret Santa by mail - our Christmas tradition).

Do I have to be queer to participate?

No. We are a QUEER movement, but we don't exclude anyone. So if you don't identify as LGBTQ+, you're still welcome to join and support us.