Information For Parents
What is RainbowWarriors?

RainbowWarriors is a queer youth movement for teens and young adults ages 14-27. In our community, there is a strong focus on volunteerism, which our members and we ourselves are committed to. In different project teams (e.g. social media and marketing) members can realize themselves and work on projects with like-minded people. Feel free to take a look at our current projects here.

Some of our members at the weekly "Chit Chat" - our virtual group meeting.

What sets us apart from other queer youth clubs is our 100% digital focus - we network completely virtually. We decided on this particular approach to offer all queer youth access to our safe place.

The legal body of the youth movement is the non-profit association "Queer Content Network e.V.", which was founded in 2019 and aims to promote and support queer youth.

Youth Protection

RainbowWarriors Datenschutz und jugenschutz

The protection of our members is our highest priority. Of course, we always comply with the latest data and youth protection measures. All young people should find a safe space with us - and we do everything we can to offer this.


RainbowWarriors Gemeinschaft

Queer youth often have to deal with exclusion at school and in their private lives - that's why a strong community in our youth movement is so important to us. Our members can connect with each other & meet new people in regular guided "Chit Chats", find new friends and grow together as a small family within the project teams.

Safe Environment

RainbowWarriors queerer Safe Space

We are a small family with strong cohesion. We have a 0% tolerance for bullying, exclusion and discrimination of any kind. In addition, the young people always have the opportunity to contact us with problems or questions.

A Few Words to You From Our Association Chairman:

I am very happy that you take the time to inform yourself about our youth movement. As already mentioned, I am the chairman of the legal body association "Queer Content Network e.V." and group leader of our youth movement - the RainbowWarriors.

I myself have been involved in youth work for over 15 years. I started at our local church when I was still a "teenager" myself. In my early 20s, I joined DBNA - a platform for queer boys - as a volunteer manager. 

Supporting young people, accompanying them on part of their journey, and getting to know so many great, unique personalities in the process - that's what still excites me about queer youth work day after day after more than 15 years. 

In the middle of 2019 I finally decided to follow my dream and founded my own association for queer youth - that was the starting signal for our RainbowWarriors.

Miguel Martinez (31), Association Chairman.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact me personally at