Community Management Team

RainbowWarriors Community Management Team

The organizational talents of the Community Management Team are all about strengthening the RainbowWarriors community. As the name suggests, they care about the community and most importantly, making sure we all have a great time together. 

Regular tasks include, for example, organizing the weekly Chit Chat and planning and creating interactive content. Our weekly Chit Chat can best be compared to a cozy get-together of friends. Everyone who has the time and feels like it can get together once a week (on alternating days) via video chat, talk, play games, and have fun. The Community Management Team of RainbowWarriors creates a poll every week directly in our virtual team platform, on which day the Chit Chat should take place, evaluates it, creates an event accordingly and takes care that everything works. 

One of our Chit Chats.

The interactive content just mentioned is also one of the team's regular tasks. "How can we bring team members closer together virtually?" - that's exactly the big question here! With interactive content, all RainbowWarriors are encouraged to interact with each other. What this interactive content exactly looks like is, of course, very individual. One of the most popular formats at the moment is the "Question of the Day". Under this post, all members can post their answer to a question that is always different and talk (or write 😉 about it with each other in the comments. 

(The screenshots you see here were taken by some of our German members – so don’t be suprised that the language shown is German 🙂

The "Question of the Day" - one of the regular interactive posts that the Community Management Team plans and implements.

In addition to these regular tasks, the Community Management Team also plans and implements larger community activities from time to time. Since we are completely virtual, the team members regularly come up with cleverly devised activities that we can also use to meet each other in "real life". For example, are you familiar with the concept of Scrap Secret Santa? It works in principle, like normal Secret Santa, but that you simply give the person to be gifted something that you no longer need (aka. "scrap"). The Community Management assigned all members who wanted to do so a person to whom they could send this little Scrap Secret Santa gift by mail - in other words, "Secret Santa goes digital".