About Us

Nice to have you visiting the About Us page 🙂 Here you find more information about the people of the RainbowWarriors Youth Movement, details about our virtual teamplatform and an info page we have put together especially for parents. We also tell you the story behind our logo and how our embassador - the RainbowWarrior - came to be.

The Team

queere Online community freunde

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the unique people who make the RainbowWarriors Youth Yovement to the special place it is.

Our Teamplatform

RainbowWarriors Teamplattform

How do you actually organize yourself as a 100% digital queer youth movement? Here we explain how our online team platform works.

For Parents

Sticker Statements Informationen

Here you find information that we have compiled especially for parents. Everything about data protection, youth protection & what we actually do exactly.

Our Embassador - The RainbowWarrior

What is this person with the mask all about and what exactly does our RainbowWarriors symbol mean? Here you will find all the information about our embassador and the inspiration of our logo - the RainbowWarrior.